Quote Challenge : Day 2 of 3 

I was nominated to this 3 day quote challenge by wivesrepublic. Thanks to her for nominating me .

The rules are—



Today, my day was dedicated to



It was because I wanted to learn something about PEACE and GENEROSITY. I found heaven in his teachings. Some of them are shared here —-


Happiness starts the moment we are satisfied with our deeds.

By satisfied, I mean the time when we are away from greed and envy . May it be an instant of a second ,but if it is not spent in thinking about what we want? and who we hate?, then it is surely a way of getting a bit close to being Happier.


A man is the product of his thoughts.

“If a priest is not humble to people, then in no way will he be respected. It is behaviour not position that makes people admire you.”

Don’t dare do things just to get admired.

I guarantee you , It will make you a puppet who will act only when others are watching. And as far as Happiness and Living a Good Life is concerned, just search the meaning of the word—



Let peace guide your Heart, Soul and every ounce of Humanity inside you.

Moving on with the challenge
My nominees for day 2 are
1 Sakshi Gaur
2 Siddhidiksha
3 Dajena
Have fun 🙂

©Mayankk Sharma(2016)

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