I was nominated to this 3 day quote challenge by wivesrepublic. Thanks to her for nominating me .

The rules are—


My first day of this challenge is dedicated to the word EXPECTATIONS.



This is what we need to learn. Living to impress others is something that will surely lead you nowhere. One need to learn that despite having a number of people around him, there’s only one who will be responsible for his success or failure , and that’s only HIM.

Now with success, comes EXPECTATIONS.

Expectation to do good in every attempt of life, expectation to have an image of so much solidity that people can get inspired from our deeds.

But what we forget to consider is the fact that ” Setting a standard for our work can benefit us in doing good, but overdoing it just because someone wants us to do better, can make things ugly.” and that overdoing is a result of us doing things for the sake of other’s over expectations.


What I am dicussing here is not meant to be confused with any sort of negativity.

It is to express the feelings of a soul that has experienced both phases of life. There was a time when my expectation towards results was at it’s zenith. But now when i don’t think and over expect anything at all, things seem pretty surprising and i can even enjoy my failures(yes i do enjoy them, bcz they teach a lot).
So on this issue some words from my side are

and life will be more surprising(and less painful) for sure.

My nominees for the challenge are::–

1: Amanda Eifert
2:Shreya Sharma
3: http://alittlebirdtweets.wordpress.com

Have fun 🙂

7 thoughts on “Quote Challenge (Expectations)

  1. Very powerful quotes Mayankk and beware the wrong sort of expectations. Bruce Lee was quite right but on suspects there must be balance and reality in ones expectations. Too high and it might be unachievable and cause negativity, too low and you never optimise potential. I think setting these self targets requires a degree of self analysis and introspection. This is never a bad thing because it’s a mindful experience and constant re-evaluation will keep one focussed and in the moment. You nailed the point about negativity though. Done right none of this is negative and actually promotes mental well being.

    Good choices of quote 😇

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  2. Thanks Gary for sharing your thoughts about the post. Actually you are right , I also think expectations are necessary for progress and performance (even when i say i don’t expect ! I don’t think that can be completely true..But I try not to expect much so that it starts affecting my present). I was just trying to point out the time we become so much over expecting that even a mile seems to be an inch. So that steals our taste in life. Thanks again for commenting . 🙂

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  3. I think we low level do that all the time but often end up in a default set up which stops us challenging ourselves….oooh, guess who did a mindfulness course recently lol

    You’re dead right though, if it starts to become a preoccupation that affects the moment then it could have the oppositeve effect. Fine lines and margins. I think you alluded to that too. Great quotes and I love commenting as a discussion point, especially on things like this 🙃

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