When World Was at War

Cleave Poetry

“One should be able to read the left column (what’s in the normal font), the right column (what’s in the bold font), and each line across as a combined thought giving you 3 different poems to read.”

Cleave: When World Was At War

(Wars were undoubtedly devastating for both this world and mankind, but what made them even worse were the effects they left on soldiers. Those who were just following orders and left with them were memories of those wars, times when they were killing enemies or watching their friends getting killed  They were praised by some and some thought killing unnecessary, but what happened when one of the latter accused a soldier of killing unnecessarily. And who was the one with such accusations? ) 


Hey I’m talking to you! He screamed, what are you doing here was my retort,

See your medals and see your deed, no more preaching just leave, you retard.


Is there no remorse that you felt? ,You should know, I am decent not evil,

“Come on man! Show some grief.” I did what was best not against my will.


Sure there would’ve been a better way, what I did was good not in vain,

So why didn’t you pardon him but slay, right or wrong who cares my men are not in pain,


I tried to make you realize, your thoughts were vengeful, end this debate now, don’t offend,

Fine by me then captain, you’ll never feel resentful, I am the reason this war will end.


And yes I forgot that was your job, and don’t forget it was an enemy whom I killed

So what if he was an enemy not local mob? But If I were god no such would’ve been built,


Here you are hiding your humanity, what about humanity I’ve killed a killer,

There’s still time “go fight for your sanity! ” , I can explain it all, “But why am I talking to the mirror?” :\


–Mayankk Sharma

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16 thoughts on “When World Was at War

  1. Yeah! Successful cleave poem on a difficult subject. Life and death in war is a huge topic. Who actually are the bad guys? Whose side is God on? Who do soldiers have the right kill and how does killing effect them? I think you answer these questions well. Excellent poem.

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  2. Thanks a lot Mandi. I’m Happy you liked it. And yes a war’s worst effect is on Soldiers who do everything for their country but still debate with their inner self on a simple question – Why War? … I just tried to convey that… Thanks again for introducing me to cleave.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hey Mayankk..great job…i like ur way of expressing a soldier’s heart and mind…👍carry on…i m waiting for ur next poem…☺

    Liked by 1 person

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