A confusion between holding on and letting go is described….with a need to grieve and disappointment for a girl who is now long gone….but the moment of relief is the fact that she is now finally resting in peace…..–iauthormayankk

Couple lefts from a city in eternity

She lies beneath the sacred grove,

After days of struggle for her posterity

She’s having her peace ,no more rove.

With light shedding on her grim visage

She sobs at night,but not perceived

And as beautiful as her true image

Was the time ,I fervidly grieved.

I know it’s not a day to mourn

As the moon ,the stars, all prevail,

Don’t dare to raise and break her sworn

Let her rest , like a holy grail.

Then i reminisce her pretty scowl

She looks as divine as an altarpiece,

And look at her my dear soul 

There rests , my true mystical peace.

                     —Mayankk Sharma Protection Status
© Mayankk Sharma (2016)
All Rights Reserved

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