Light And Dark

( This poem is about a life long battle between light and dark and along with this it explains the effect of this battle on a human’s life who can take light as good and dark as bad companion in life.)

A mere source of light ,that swallows the dark ,
Can light up the streets ,and leave its mark.

Like the full moon,after a perfect twilight,
Can brightly lit the street ,
And suppress our needs.

Then came a shabby thought ,that gave nothing and took a lot ,
Being induced so deep,that I forgot my dreams and sleep.

It said
“I am dark you call me devil,
I’ll drive life against your will ,
You know me well I was your friend,
Sue me for sure you’ll meet your end.”

I enshrined the light ,was false to do ,
Darkness was right above ,hard to sue.

Then something managed to escape,which was destined to do,
My eyes gazed upon,not believed yet knew.

Light has a soul ,light has a spirit,
Light can create ways ,in order to win it.

In has done it once ,and can do it again,
I’ll be free forever ,not in pain.

My belief was right,light won the park ,
But the remains show,
Darkness left a mark.

– Mayankk Sharma Protection Status
Β© Mayankk Sharma (2016)
All Rights Reserved

30 thoughts on “Light And Dark

  1. Powerful and a difficult journey your speaker goes through but I like “light” because it has it’s ways and allows reveals the darkness. Sad that darkness left it’s Mark. Like a scar. But I believe the mark shows you got through it, even though it might be a painful thing still at times. Just my thoughts. Well written!

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  2. Thank you for such comments . I wrote it considering bad companion as darkness. And we all know that even the wisest man can get corrupt if left in bad companion.
    Thank you again for reading. πŸ™‚

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  3. Thanks a lot Sadia for such keen observance. And yes darkness is a part of everyone’s life and it leaves scars too. But our light ensures those scars will never affect us the same, and makes us a better person. I’m happy you liked it. πŸ™‚

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  4. Indeed I did. Looking forward to your future posts! Oh god, yes! I love observing. I’m not a poet but when it comes to written pieces like this I love the structure and the flow.. in this case the gradation between light and darkness. Stay well, excited for your upcoming posts.

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  5. Thanks Sue for taking the time to visit my blog….I am glad you enjoyed reading it….wow!, you have been writing for that long, it surely motivates me a lot…. Thank you again for your comments …. πŸ™‚

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