Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the sunshine blogger award by Miss Sakshi Gaur (She writes great, make sure to check out her blog)…..Thanks a lot Sakshi for nominating me….

The rules are-
1- Thank the person who nominated you.
2- Answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you.
3- Nominate 11 new bloggers and write them 11 new questions..

1. Myers Briggs personality type?


Mine is INTJ …..

2. I love it when……

It rains and I am riding a bike..

3. What is the one thing that you would like to invent?

I would like to invent a time machine. So i can travel back and forth in time. I guess it will be fun, And a robot too(guess I’m being greedy here😂).

4. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

I will surely be a vampire, vamps have more powers than wolves, vamps can live longer…. so for me that adds up to be way cooler than wolves…  😅😁

5. Your best travel memory?

I travelled Bhopal about a year ago and that was a great experience …..I was there for attending my SSB and on the 4th day we went cycling for about 35kms in a national park alongside a river ….my thighs ached for a week after that….but still it was fun…. 🚵

6. Your dream place to be at on your birthday?

Being with my family on every birthday is the best i can dream of…

7. You secretly wish to be a ………? Explain.

I secretly wish to be a detective 😂😂

Actually I am a huge Sherlock fan…and a bit good with things like these…soo good that at times i become one… 😂😁😅

8. You are an expert at ….?


I am an expert at applying logics i guess…may it be for solving questions or programming ..i love solving problems that include logics.

9. A celebrity you would like to exchange places with? Why?

ummm…this one is difficult…there are a lot of them with whom i would like to exchange places. 😝….but i think Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) is the one i would love to do it with…

Reason for that….being in that Iron Man suit looks pretty awesome to me… he portrays Sherlock too…so that’s super cool…..other than that I am fond of his comic timing and dialogue delivery (and those killing expressions)….

10. Tell us about your blogging journey till now. What do you think is the best part about it?

I am writing poems since i was 17 …I kept all of them in a diary i used to maintain …But i felt that it was read by a few people …so i started this blog to showcase them for everyone…i wrote peace and posted it first….Light and Dark was written by me last year ..and When world was at war came when i found out about cleave poetry and decided to give it a go….Though the journey hasn’t been long …but i loved it completely…the best part of it was that i found some super lovely fellow bloggers who appreciate my work and inspire me to do better with their posts and feedback….

11. What is the best thing you think you can do for the world you live in?

I am the type of person who agree with the fact that …if you want to change the world, first change yourself….so I always try to be someone i would like to see in others…I always try to find ways for helping others and make this world a happier place…

Now time for nominating others…..
So my nominees are-

7-Janine Ripper
9- Aakash

The questions you have to answer are –

1- Which was/is your favourite Cartoon?

2- Tell us about the place you live in.

3- If you become God for a day. What would you do?

4- Why did you started blogging?

5- Do you believe in supernatural stuff? If yes, Why? If no, Why not?

6-Your favourite singer is…..

7- Your favourite book is…..

8- Your dream job is….

9- A place you want to visit desperately…..

10-Author you admire the most is…..Why?

11- When you are not blogging…You are….


It is not mandatory to participate….Feel free to answer …Have fun guyzzz

Quote Challenge

Quote Challenge Day 3 of 3

Finally this 3 day quote challenge will come to an end with this final post.
Once again a huge thanks to wivesrepublic for nominating me. I hope I did justice with your faith.

It’s one of my habits searching quotes on google to read and get the essence they offer.
Plus today I was desperate on finding some quotes i can share …. I was in search of quotes by famous people ….I finally got some….prepared my post and then….. suddenly decided to send it to trash…
Reason was….Today I was writing about originality and was using quotes said by (others) Mark Twain, Khalil Gibran and Michael Jackson…(ironically)

So I decided to put up a quote written by me—-
My nominees for day 3 are
2 Morgan Monique Byers
3 Amitav Chowdhury

Quote Challenge(Search!!!)

Quote Challenge(Search!!!)

Quote Challenge : Day 2 of 3 

I was nominated to this 3 day quote challenge by wivesrepublic. Thanks to her for nominating me .

The rules are—



Today, my day was dedicated to



It was because I wanted to learn something about PEACE and GENEROSITY. I found heaven in his teachings. Some of them are shared here —-


Happiness starts the moment we are satisfied with our deeds.

By satisfied, I mean the time when we are away from greed and envy . May it be an instant of a second ,but if it is not spent in thinking about what we want? and who we hate?, then it is surely a way of getting a bit close to being Happier.


A man is the product of his thoughts.

“If a priest is not humble to people, then in no way will he be respected. It is behaviour not position that makes people admire you.”

Don’t dare do things just to get admired.

I guarantee you , It will make you a puppet who will act only when others are watching. And as far as Happiness and Living a Good Life is concerned, just search the meaning of the word—



Let peace guide your Heart, Soul and every ounce of Humanity inside you.

Moving on with the challenge
My nominees for day 2 are
1 Sakshi Gaur
2 Siddhidiksha
3 Dajena
Have fun 🙂

©Mayankk Sharma(2016)

Quote Challenge (Expectations)

Quote Challenge (Expectations)


I was nominated to this 3 day quote challenge by wivesrepublic. Thanks to her for nominating me .

The rules are—


My first day of this challenge is dedicated to the word EXPECTATIONS.



This is what we need to learn. Living to impress others is something that will surely lead you nowhere. One need to learn that despite having a number of people around him, there’s only one who will be responsible for his success or failure , and that’s only HIM.

Now with success, comes EXPECTATIONS.

Expectation to do good in every attempt of life, expectation to have an image of so much solidity that people can get inspired from our deeds.

But what we forget to consider is the fact that ” Setting a standard for our work can benefit us in doing good, but overdoing it just because someone wants us to do better, can make things ugly.” and that overdoing is a result of us doing things for the sake of other’s over expectations.


What I am dicussing here is not meant to be confused with any sort of negativity.

It is to express the feelings of a soul that has experienced both phases of life. There was a time when my expectation towards results was at it’s zenith. But now when i don’t think and over expect anything at all, things seem pretty surprising and i can even enjoy my failures(yes i do enjoy them, bcz they teach a lot).
So on this issue some words from my side are

and life will be more surprising(and less painful) for sure.

My nominees for the challenge are::–

1: Amanda Eifert
2:Shreya Sharma

Have fun 🙂

When World Was at War

When World Was at War

Cleave Poetry

“One should be able to read the left column (what’s in the normal font), the right column (what’s in the bold font), and each line across as a combined thought giving you 3 different poems to read.”

Cleave: When World Was At War

(Wars were undoubtedly devastating for both this world and mankind, but what made them even worse were the effects they left on soldiers. Those who were just following orders and left with them were memories of those wars, times when they were killing enemies or watching their friends getting killed  They were praised by some and some thought killing unnecessary, but what happened when one of the latter accused a soldier of killing unnecessarily. And who was the one with such accusations? ) 


Hey I’m talking to you! He screamed, what are you doing here was my retort,

See your medals and see your deed, no more preaching just leave, you retard.


Is there no remorse that you felt? ,You should know, I am decent not evil,

“Come on man! Show some grief.” I did what was best not against my will.


Sure there would’ve been a better way, what I did was good not in vain,

So why didn’t you pardon him but slay, right or wrong who cares my men are not in pain,


I tried to make you realize, your thoughts were vengeful, end this debate now, don’t offend,

Fine by me then captain, you’ll never feel resentful, I am the reason this war will end.


And yes I forgot that was your job, and don’t forget it was an enemy whom I killed

So what if he was an enemy not local mob? But If I were god no such would’ve been built,


Here you are hiding your humanity, what about humanity I’ve killed a killer,

There’s still time “go fight for your sanity! ” , I can explain it all, “But why am I talking to the mirror?” :\


–Mayankk Sharma Protection Status

Light And Dark

Light And Dark

( This poem is about a life long battle between light and dark and along with this it explains the effect of this battle on a human’s life who can take light as good and dark as bad companion in life.)

A mere source of light ,that swallows the dark ,
Can light up the streets ,and leave its mark.

Like the full moon,after a perfect twilight,
Can brightly lit the street ,
And suppress our needs.

Then came a shabby thought ,that gave nothing and took a lot ,
Being induced so deep,that I forgot my dreams and sleep.

It said
“I am dark you call me devil,
I’ll drive life against your will ,
You know me well I was your friend,
Sue me for sure you’ll meet your end.”

I enshrined the light ,was false to do ,
Darkness was right above ,hard to sue.

Then something managed to escape,which was destined to do,
My eyes gazed upon,not believed yet knew.

Light has a soul ,light has a spirit,
Light can create ways ,in order to win it.

In has done it once ,and can do it again,
I’ll be free forever ,not in pain.

My belief was right,light won the park ,
But the remains show,
Darkness left a mark.

– Mayankk Sharma Protection Status
© Mayankk Sharma (2016)
All Rights Reserved



Couple lefts from a city in eternity

She lies beneath the sacred grove,

After days of struggle for her posterity

She’s having her peace ,no more rove.

With light shedding on her grim visage

She sobs at night,but not perceived

And as beautiful as her true image

Was the time ,I fervidly grieved.

I know it’s not a day to mourn

As the moon ,the stars, all prevail,

Don’t dare to raise and break her sworn

Let her rest , like a holy grail.

Then i reminisce her pretty scowl

She looks as divine as an altarpiece,

And look at her my dear soul 

There rests , my true mystical peace.

                     —Mayankk Sharma Protection Status
© Mayankk Sharma (2016)
All Rights Reserved